Religious Funeral Organization

The celebration of a man’s funeral is not merely the provision of a service on our side. It is at the same time a very difficult experience for the deceased’s family and friends, which remains in their memory for a reasonable period of time. The feeling that needs to remain therefore at the end of the funeral should be the most reassuring to the family of the deceased and include the conviction that everything was done in the best possible way.

Having this principle as our guide, we undertake to organize and perform each funeral with respect for your religious customs, your aesthetic preferences, as well as your financial capabilities. We aim for each time in a ceremony characterized by dignity, professionalism and consistency.

Political funeral

The organization of a political funeral includes similar procedures, but the exodioy of a sequence in the church. The political funeral can take place either indoors (at the house of the deceased) or in the courtyard of the cemetery. Various speech are usually spoken in memory of the deceased by family members or friends or representatives of bodies, depending on the action and the life of the deceased.


Burning of the deceased takes place in the crematorium of Sofia in Bulgaria, where the necessary infrastructure (furnace incineration) is available and because it is the most advantageous choice in terms of distance and price, if you wish to attend family members, you can drive with your car or To go by coach or plane to Sofia to attend the cremation. The duration of combustion is approximately 1.5 to 2 hours.

Setting Funeral Prices

The prices for organizing a funeral ceremony are determined according to the range of services & products, eg. The type of the coffin, the variety and the size of the flower decoration

Another factor that shapes the final cost is the cemetery that will be buried, as the burial rights and other charges vary by cemetery and municipality.

You can contact us and get a total offer and our suggestions for the celebration of the funeral that interests you.

Below you will see the range of services we provide in organizing a funeral:

  • We determine the day and hour of the funeral.
  • We are transporting the remains from the place of death to the cooling chamber with special hearse vehicles if we are asked to keep the deceased there instead of at his residence until the funeral or if he needs an autopsy.
  • We care for the preparation and grooming of the remains with qualified personnel.
  • Settle any bureaucratic procedure concerning the issuance of the burial permit and the death certificates.
  • We undertake the decoration of the church with beautiful and qualitative floral compositions.
  • We have a staff of the remains.
  • We have luxury hearse vehicles for the funeral procession.
  • We announce the event of the funeral in the newspapers you want and on our website.
  • We print and we have the funeral angelers.
  • Settle the transport of bystanders to and from the cemetery, hiring a taxi.
  • We have a wide & qualitative range of exclusively coffins.
  • We order and transport the floral wreaths of the funeral.
  • We record the wreaths sent to the funeral, which we deliver to you at the conclusion of the ceremony.
  • We’re closing the reception at cemeteries for the funeral. We also deal with restaurants or banquet halls of your choice if you wish to have a meal after the funeral.

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