Transfer of dead to and from abroad.

In order to dispatch the remains of a citizenor even to undertake the return of a Greek resident from abroad who has passed away, we will need to follow several procedures that will allow us the timely and safe The Greek border and the Customs office (for non-EU countries).

We have many years of experience in the subject of the repatriation of the dead, as we have handled numerous cases of mission of the dead from Greece to various countries. We also have experience in organizing transport with the use of multiple Means of transport such as by road, by air and by boat.

Equally important experience is the repatriation of Greeks who died abroad, having collaborations with funeral parlors in America, Canada, China, England, Germany, France, Norway, Russia and Australia.

The services we provide for the repatriation include:

1) Special construction coffin and high strength for transport. The coffin is protected from the packaging, hence no extra change is needed at the destination. Latest type, according to international standards, protective packaging that reduces the total weight of about 20 kg (and Fares!)

2) Fertre Kit (sheet, cushion, shroud).

3) Transfer of the remains from the place of death (including the islands) to the cooling chamber.

4) Transport of the remains to and from the morgue, if an autopsy is requested.

5) Embalming of the remains and issuance of transport permits.

6) Declaration of death and issuance of death certificates.

7) Translation and validation of documents from the Embassy of the country of destination and Seal of The Hague (APOSTILLE) for any countries required.

8) Booking ticket to an airline for transporting the remains.

9) Booking a ticket to an airline (if possible on the same flight as the body) for transporting the family.

10) Transfer of the deceased to the airport Macedonia for northern Greece or Eleftherios Venizelos.

11) Keep of the remains in a cooling chamber until the process is perfect.

12) GPS Tracker built into the coffin to know in real time where the body is located.