Transfer of dead to Albania

We undertake the preparation and transportation of the remains at the borders of Krystallopigi or Kakavia, where the deceased is usually delivered to an Albanian funeral service that you have commissioned to take over from there.

The services we provide for the repatriation of remains in Albania are:

  • Special construction and high strength coffin for transport.
  • Coffin Set (sheet, cushion, shroud).
  • Transfer of the remains from the place of death (including the islands) to the cooling chamber.
  • Transport of the remains to and from the morgue, if an autopsy is requested.
  • Embalming of the remains and issuance of transport permits.
  • Care, preparation and grooming of the remains as well as clothing with family clothes. If there are no clothes, we can take care of it.
  • Floral decoration of the coffin.
  • Declaration of death in the registry and issuance of death certificates.
  • Ratification of documents by the embassy or Consulate of Albania.
  • Stay of the remains in a cooling chamber until the process is perfect.

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